Field Day

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I am concerned that one of my FIELD DAY products was recalled. How can I know for sure?


Refer to the list below - all currently recalled items are posted here.

Current Recalled Items: No current recalls at this time.

Past Recalled Items:

Item Description: Field Day Organic Ranch Dressing, 12/8oz – Retail
UPC #: 0-42563-60024-2
Lot Code: W2101
Best By: JAN.28.2018

Instructions for the Consumer: Consumers should return the product to their place of purchase for a full refund.

Instructions to the Retail Customer: You are to check your inventory for the listed item, remove ONLY product with specified lot code from stock and destroy the recalled product at store level.

Retail Customer Disposition: Be prepared to document the action taken at your store including the label description, Best By date on the units, number of pieces destroyed (full and partial cases), method and date of destruction. Retail Customers should expect to receive the Product Recall notice and Destruction Verification Form. They are asked to destroy the product and complete the Destruction Verification Form as instructed on the form. For credit, report count information through normal distribution channel (e.g. UNFI Customer Returns/Claims or BMB Direct Customer Account Reps).

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